Styling Overview

We can help any person look and feel their best,
for any phase of life or event. Here’s how we do it.

Stylish, handsome personal styling client wearing a brown suede leather jacket over a black sweater with jewelery.

Personal Styling

Our passion for clothing and style is contagious. We love that our clients regularly call with questions, or text and email pictures so that we can continue helping with every style decision — like deciding if something matches, choosing the perfect outfit to nail the look for a big meeting or date, or just sharing how you crushed it and got endless compliments.

Using our styling technology, we keep a visual record of everything that you own and purchase. That means we know what works, what doesn’t, and all of your preferences, so we’re here to help you look your best. If you need anything at all, comment and message us directly through your own Style Site, call, or email, and we’ll take care of the rest.

G ALXNDR personal stylist Chicago offers professional styling to help you with how to dress for an interview, to get a promotion, or simply to gain respect.

Professional Styling

Workplace dress codes are all over the place these days, and we’re here to make it easy to understand and dress for. Whether your job requires you to be in something more dressed up, or you are permitted to wear sweats (didn’t say should or even can), professional styling for your job and career can have a significant impact on the respect and treatment you receive.

Are you looking to increase your odds of getting that promotion, becoming a partner, or landing that interview? The way you dress is the very first visual impression you make over and over again.

Grant McNamara and Corey McNamara eating and taking engagement photos at Sweet Mandy B's

Styling for dating & relationships

To the folks on dating apps, have you Googled something like, “How to make my dating app pics better,” or, “What should I wear in my profile pictures?”

Don’t you think it’s possible that if you had a personal stylist for dating app profile pics, you might display style and more confidence, therefore leading to more connections? So then it’s possible you have a greater chance at finding love and your future someone because you got in touch with G ALXNDR? Wow.

To those in relationships, do you find your partner shopping for you or selecting what you wear? Has the spark faded over time?

You should care about how you look on your 1,000th date as much as you thought about what to wear on your first date. What do your style choices say about you and how you feel about the person you’re in a relationship with? Updating your style will increase a lot of wonderful things within yourself and your relationship.

Custom suit in grey and navy plaid fabric with a fun lining on the inside, a navy tie, and jewelry.

Custom Clothing That works in your entire wardrobe and budget

Custom clothes are amazing. You create something that fits you, your taste, your body, your personality. We get it though, it’s not for everyone’s budget, and a lot of people don’t think they’ll ever wear a suit or have to “dress up.” You just haven’t met the G ALXNDR team.

We’ll show you the possibilities with custom pieces, integrating them into what you wear most. We can show you how to wear a suit 10 different ways, from professional or casual, buttoned up or with joggers.

Our big game changer…we offer custom clothing at cost to styling clients only. No more sacrificing quality and experience. No more dealing with an inexperienced salesperson. And for those looking for the most luxurious retail shopping experience, we have a partner for that, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you better or different than other stylists?

You know how some people just get it and others don’t? It’s like that. It takes one conversation for you to hear the passion we have for what we do and how it can change your life. We’re stylish. We’re fun. We understand real life problems like body insecurities, budgets, and feeling like you have to dress a certain way for others. We will change the way you think about yourself and others through style. One conversation won’t hurt.

What do I need to budget for?

Everyone’s budget is different and completely dependent on your goals. Most importantly, we work with all budgets. If you need something specific that’s not expensive for you to beat up in the garden, it can be quite low. If you want to completely overhaul your wardrobe, it can be much higher. Get in touch and let us know what your goals and budget are.

We offer hourly rates as well as 3-, 6-, and 12-month styling packages… each with more and more perks along the way!

Do you do in-person or virtual shopping and styling?

We do both in-person and virtual styling and shopping. If you would like to better understand how to shop for yourself, we’ll head out and do that. The initial wardrobe consultation can happen at your home or over Zoom. Then, with your individual Style Site we’ll create for you, you’ll have the option of doing everything online or letting us know you prefer in-person.

Will you do alterations to clothes in my wardrobe?

We do alterations for styling clients only. We do not take outside alterations.

What does the process look like?

It all starts with you getting in touch. Once you do that, we’ll schedule a phone call and initial consultation in which we aim to provide you a personalized strategy and timeline, as well as excitement. After that, it really depends on your goals. So make sure to get in touch now and let us know how we can improve your life through style.

Do you advise on other things than clothing, shoes, and accessories?

Glad you asked. Yes! Style is more than just those things. Your hairstyle, you home’s style, the pen you use, the coffee mug you drink from, all of these things are a part of your overall style and, every day, impact your attitudes and feelings.

We have our shortlist of favorite people and teams that further enhance your overall style and life. Whether it’s finding the perfect eyewear, having top interior designers, introducing you to the hairstylist you’ll use for the next ten years, we work with some incredibly talented people.