G ALXNDR is the best personal styling service providing exceptional experiences, products, and advice.


for some, personal style is a passion. For us... it's our mission

G ALXNDR believes that styling goes beyond clothing. It is about building a space where you can freely express yourself—the dreams, aspirations, motivations, insecurities, and everything that defines you.

Our mission is to bring about real transformations in your life, not just in terms of style, but in how you perceive yourself and the world around you.

By embracing who you are, you will naturally radiate confidence and walk away looking your absolute best.


Here, Style Is a Way of Life

At the core of our brand, we have developed the Five Pillars of Style: Versatility, Timelessness, Individuality, Enjoyment, and Ease. By following this philosophy, we have transformed styling into an essential service for anyone seeking personal growth and improvement.

Regardless of your goals, G ALXNDR is here to support you on your journey. Embracing our services will undoubtedly become one of the most empowering decisions you’ll ever make for yourself.


Creating a versatile wardrobe with key luxury pieces makes dressing in the morning easier than adding cream to your coffee.


Investing in high quality materials that last from season to season will make the value of the piece reach timeless status.


It’s our job to make your personality shine through, not put ours or anyone else’s onto you.


Style should never be a chore. It should be a journey that takes you to places that you’ve never explored before!


Style is not complicated or fussy. It’s timeless just like you are.

Meet Grant Alexander

Stylist & Fashion Editor

Grant Alexander is obsessed with style, whether he’s chatting about it with athletes, celebrities, business moguls, stay-at-home parents, talented artists, or creative souls. He possesses an innate understanding of fashion and style. Grant has graced the covers and spreads of countless national and local magazines,  and has curated and produced numerous fashion, style, and wedding photoshoots, solidifying his expertise in these sectors.

In the realm of weddings, Grant has swiftly emerged as the premier stylist for exquisite, high-end wedding looks. He has established himself as the go-to professional for engaged couples seeking the perfect styling, as well as luxury planners and photographers in the industry.

Drawing upon years of experience managing a bespoke clothing company and collaborating with countless styling clients, Grant possesses the expertise to enhance anyone’s appearance for any occasion or event. With his extensive network within the fashion, wedding, and grooming industries, Grant is your ultimate source for advice, suggestions, unparalleled creativity for daily life, photo/video shoots, or embarking on a life-changing style journey.

Meet the team

Jessica Klass Personal and wedding stylist

Jessica Klaas

Personal Stylist & Wedding Stylist

Salvador Garza

Wedding Stylist

Danny Mohler, a G ALXNDR personal stylist. The best personal styling, wedding dresser, and day-of wedding stylist team in the U.S.

Danny Mohler

Personal Stylist

Naya Gasper, G ALXNDR's Social Media Manager. The best personal styling, wedding dresser, and day-of wedding stylist team in the U.S.

Naya Gasper

Social Media Manager & Stylist