Styling will change your life. It’s so simple, all you have to do is get in touch and we’ll make it one of the most fun, Easy, and rewarding experiences you’ll ever have.

5 pillars of Personal Style


The idea that you could get dressed in the dark and come out looking stylish 100% of the time is nice.


Invest in nicer pieces that last longer, and the value goes up. It just has to still look nice when you reach “longer.”


It’s our job to make your personality shine through, not put ours or anyone else’s onto you.


Style should be fun, so we make it fun. Getting dressed each day should be exciting, not a chore.


We genuinely believe the best style is simple. The most stylish people get this. You will, too.

At G ALXNDR, Your Bespoke Style Is Always a la carte.

This isn’t a subscription-based service like some “styling” companies out there where a trunk or a box of new clothes is stitched together and sent to you. What good does that do if you don’t know how to wear them? Or if the brands they send you actually fit you well? That’s really the same as shopping at a store, but instead of you discovering more about your own style and what you like for yourself, someone else is pushing them on you.

We want you to wear what you get and feel your best doing it. No more thinking to yourself, “Oh gosh, it’s been six months and I still haven’t worn that yet.” We truly get to know you on a personal level and understand what makes you, you. That’s what makes our stylists great. Being able to take your goals and translate them into various outfits and looks to make it happen is what real stylists do.

Learn how to shop for your body type, what colors are best for your skin tone, what closet staples are most important, how to mix colors, patterns and styles, how to accessorize, etc. You will walk away from the experience feeling more confident than ever before. It’s like a little style graduation.