Cufflinks first appeared in fashion within the 1600s. However, the cufflink didn’t become popular until the end of the 18th century. The downturn of ribbons and ties, which typically held men’s shirts in place at the wrist, quickly fell out of style. Thus, the cufflink was introduced as a mark of a high-class man during that time.

At first, the cuffs of a mens shirt was considered as an undergarment. Historians suggest that, much like a woman’s style of exposed ankles, the rise of cufflinks also encourage men to reveal their cuffs which was considered very risque at the time.

While cufflinks have become less scandalous over the years, they remain an incredible asset for adding flair to any formal style.

How to put on cufflinks:

  1. Separate the cufflink pin from the back. Set aside in an easily reachable location.
  2. Align the cufflink holes located in the wrist of a button-down dress shirt.
  3. Holding the cuffs together, fold the cuff slightly away from your body. Keeping the holes visible.
  4. Insert the pin portion of the cufflinks through the holes.
  5. Fold the cuff back towards yourself so the point end of the pin is visible.
  6. Apply the back to the pin.
  7. The cufflink should now be facing away from you, while the pin faces towards yourself.
  8. F*cking kill it.

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