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We upgrade your style, and your quality of life. Nothing is quite so powerful as you, walking into a room, or down the aisle, after we’ve curated your personal style. With G ALXNDR you can have it all: Effortless style. Wedding bliss. Career satisfaction. Personal power. Our bespoke styling service helps you look and feel your best. Every day.

Imagine Yourself In Style

Watch to see behind the scenes action from our latest editorial photoshoot, a collaboration with Zoe Rain.

With a G ALXNDR Personal Stylist, You’ll Soon Be the Best Dressed.
(In Any Room.)

What does a personal stylist do? What is the purpose of improving your personal style?

Technical: Personal stylist services, namely, evaluating the physical attributes, lifestyle, and fashion styles of others and recommending clothing and accessories to achieve the personal image desired by the client.

Easy: Through learning about what you want to accomplish, we teach you how to dress to make that happen.

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Sure, Getting You Dressed Up for Milestones is Our Business. Why Wait to Impress Your Friends? Get the Style You Want Today.

Personal Styling

Your hairdresser does your hair just how you like it, and you love going because you can’t quite recreate it on your own. Styling is that, just with your wardrobe and style, and we will teach you how to recreate it with our awesome technology.

Casual outfits for men and women put together by G ALXNDR personal stylists

Day-of wedding
styling & Dressing

From designing and coordinating the perfect outfits, to being there on wedding day to ensure the entire bridal party is stress-free and looks flawless, we will take care of everything. Enjoy the day, don’t stress about it.

Day-of bride and groom styling and dressing services ensure everyone looks perfect on wedding day.

beautiful Custom Clothing,
near cost

Yes, you read that correctly… but there’s a catch! Only styling clients get perfectly tailored, custom clothing near cost. Now you can actually get affordable custom clothes without sacrificing quality.

The best custom clothing for men, custom clothing for women, for people that want something that fits perfectly and reflects their personality. This gentleman is wearing a custom sports jacket in a green windowpane fabric.

A perfectly curated shop Coming soon

From G ALXNDR original designs to a finely curated shop of our favorites brands and styles, we have the best products to enhance your wardrobe, home, and lifestyle.

Beautiful mustard velvet tasseled loafers for everyday use. The velvet loafers are designed by Grant Alexander in Chicago and handmade in Spain.

Style, meet technology.

What’s the point of working with a stylist if you won’t remember how to wear anything? Or what if you prefer shopping online? And what if you don’t like the pressure other subscription-based styling companies put on you to buy?

We’ve solved these issues with our Style Sites. We create a private, personalized site for you where we can visually manage and organize your e-closet, looks, and purchases. We virtually pull pieces that fit into your existing wardrobe and budget, and create Pinterest-like boards to show you how to wear it all. Share comments on pieces and looks directly with your stylist through your site and take everything at your own pace with no pressure to ever buy something you don’t really love.

Stop waiting to improve your life

While you’re waiting to get in touch, your workplace nemesis is stepping up their style and getting a promotion, you continue thinking that you don’t love or wear anything in your closet, plus all these other un-fun thoughts. Do something about it.


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