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The Sexy Black Velvet Loafer (Women’s)


Our velvet loafers come in both men’s and women’s. Each tasseled loafer is expertly crafted by hand from toe to heel. The soft, premium velvet adds a touch of flair that complements any formal attire perfectly, but our favorite way to wear them is casual. Wear them to the grocery store, on errands, and wherever you were planning on going next. The origins of the loafer come from 19th century Norway, when a prominent English sportsman, visiting the region for salmon fishing, started noticing the unique, yet functional slip-on shoes of the locals. Velvet loafers began taking hold in the United States in New Hampshire in the 1930s when the Spaulding family started creating its own version of the unique-looking shoe.

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The Sexy Black Velvet Loafer (Women’s)