G ALXNDR is the best personal styling service providing exceptional experiences, products, and advice.

Wedding styling without the stress

Weddings are stressful enough. G ALXNDR gives you the hassle-free treatment you deserve, because you might not remember the details, but you’ll always remember how you felt.

Relax. We handle everything.

No really…everything.

your WEDDING stylist concierge

Let G ALXNDR take away the stress and ensure smooth sailing on your big day. 

We offer you the gift of certainty on your wedding day. We show up in person and dedicate all hands to you and your party. We handle everything, from wardrobe mishaps, to ensuring your you and your party are impeccably dressed. With our guidance, the ladies will be turning-heads, while gents will exude confidence. Let us make your wedding dreams come true, leaving you with a lasting impression and a day filled with happiness not stress.

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The Bespoke Wedding Timeline

If you’re ordering a bespoke dress, suit, or tuxedo, we’re going to carefully plan your garment design, fittings and tailoring prior to the event. Let us know when your wedding will be, and how much time there is to deliver. Then we can get you looking amazing down the aisle. On time. 


If you’ve already picked out what you’ll be wearing on your wedding day, awesome! Ladies, we can attend fittings if that’s the case, and even have it steamed and ready to go on the day-of the wedding. If you haven’t selected your dress, we would be thrilled to recommend some of the styles, designers, and boutiques we think would best match your dreams, style, and budget. We can even design custom pieces for you to wear to showers, the rehearsal dinner, or a wedding day outfit change.


Gents, if you’ve already picked out your wedding outfit, amazing! You are ahead of the game, and we both thank and congratulate you for that. If not, we highly recommend either finding your wedding outfit, or starting the custom suit or custom tuxedo process, 8 to 12 weeks out to avoid any problems or stress.

What Is the Wedding Styling Experience?

  • There are going to be details of your wedding dress that you’ll want to learn. We ensure that you’re bustled properly, ready to dance, and that everything is where it’s supposed to be.
  • Steaming of gowns, dresses, suits, or tuxedos… basically, any and all garments for the bride, groom, wedding party, family, and any important guests.
  • We ensure all of the wardrobes are worn properly. Everyone will look sharp after we’ve touched up the bow-ties, zipped the dresses and attended to all the accessories. (These can be the biggest headaches, and it’s incredibly helpful to have an expert on-site to make sure everyone is taken care of.)
  • Have a long gown? Let us hold it for you throughout the day, so you can hold the flowers, and your husband’s hand.
  • Believe it or not, you will also need help with your wedding dress at the restroom, and any changes into another outfit, or bustling, for the reception.
  • We’ll get your clothing looking just right before you walk down the aisle.

Accidents happen, and things go “snap” in the night. We’re there to smooth the inevitable and fix problems on the spot — so you don’t have to!

We serve as your personal assistant and concierge on your wedding day. Both for your outfits, your bridal party’s and family’s.

If you have unique customs, or desire creative touches, even surprises… we can help you plan, produce, and execute them.

We style the couple, bridal party and family. We’ll make sure you all look perfect, stand well, hold the bouquets right, we check for hair over your eyes, crooked ties, and of course, get your wedding dress looking magnificently fluffed.

Why is it Important to Have Your G ALXNDR Wedding Stylist On Hand, Personally?

Our presence allows a lot of other important people to do their jobs better, and enjoy themselves more at your wedding.

Your Wedding Planner 

Expecting your wedding planner to attend to the details of your wardrobe is taking away from numerous other responsibilities: dealing with vendors, decorations and decor, as well as the procession of events. Most wedding planners have too many details and things happening at once to ensure your wardrobe is functioning perfectly at every point you need it. Stars have wardrobe people, and as the star of your wedding day, you should, too. It’s your wedding day glam squad that just so happens to make your wedding planner’s life a whole lot easier.

Your Maid of Honor

Is your maid of honor supposed to figure out your wardrobe and round up the family for pictures? Not on our watch. Let her enjoy the incredible experience, and focus on her detailed role as your lady in waiting. 


Your Photographer

Good photographers are like birth midwives; they’re not helping you get your picture taken…they’re taking the picture. We’re like the doula — helping you personally get through the experience looking your best. While the photographer handles the lights and cameras, we’ll handle you and all the details of your wardrobe. Believe us, it will make for better photographs. And a faster, low-stress photo session that doesn’t interrupt your wedding reception.

They aren’t responsible for making sure everyone’s fly is zipped. We will take on that responsibility for you.

Your Mother

This is going to be one of the biggest days of her life. Instead of worrying about your dress, and figuring out how it works, she’ll be able to greet the guests, and act as the Queen Mother she deserves to be — not the wedding coordinator.  

Your Venue Coordinator


If there’s no wedding planner, you might have a venue coordinator. This person is responsible for everything happening at your wedding. Just not you. Unfortunately, the less personal help you have, the more stress and less fun you’re probably going to feel at your wedding. Don’t accept less than the best for your once-in-a-lifetime moment. 


You asked, we answered

If you’re a client early on, our approach to your overall wedding style is unlike anything anyone else is doing.Our approach helps guide you throughout the entire process with important details like ensuring the bridesmaids’ dresses and groomsmens’ accessories coordinate well, helping bridesmaids and groomsmen find the best dresses and suits or tuxedos, and making sure the bride(s) and groom(s) know exactly when they need to make outfit selections and take care of fittings.

If you’re just using us for day-of styling, there are still some big differences. We help the entire bridal party, not just the bride and bridesmaids.And since guys often need more help getting dressed, we think this is pretty important! Our experience not just with helping you all get dressed, but with how you all look through photos and video, and small details like how to look your best going down the aisle, is unmatched.