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Sand Dollar Coral Pin


This sand dollar coral brooch elegantly blends classic coral color with pearly white. The brooch is a perfect complement to gray jackets – adding a subtle pop of color that draws the eye. Coral has been a central focus of jewelry in Europe since ancient Rome. The Romans believe wearing branches of coral warded off the evil eye of the Gods, protection against lightning strikes, and deterred temptresses.

This immaculate coral lapel pin is handcrafted into a picture-perfect rose. With subtle shades of red, this intricate lapel pin is long-lasting and the ideal blend of subtle style and luxury detail. The broad, sweeping history of lapel pins can be dated back to the 13th century near the Byzantine Empire. The intricate metalworking, from a technique called cloisonné, quickly became popularized in China during the Yuan Dynasty.

To wear the coral lapel pin, use the following steps:
1. Separate the lapel pin from the back. Set aside in an easily reachable location.
2. Find the lapel buttonhole located on your left lapel. Typically, right above the pocket.
3. Pierce the pin through the buttonhole on your left lapel. (if your suit doesn’t have a lapel buttonhole, feel free to pierce directly through the suit).
4. Lift or flip the lapel to see the back, revealing the back of the pin.
5. Apply the backing to the lapel pin to secure it in place. Some jackets will have a loop for the lapel pin on the backside where you can tuck the stem in as well.
6. Check yourself out in the mirror. Recognize how good you look.

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Sand Dollar Coral Pin