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Azurite Drop Gemstone Pin


These immaculate gemstone brooches are carefully studded with ammonite, amethyst, lapis, and druzy. Each is styled uniquely to compliment the stunning colors that glisten in the light. Gemstone brooches became all the rage starting in the Renaissance period. Elaborate brooches studded with numerous gemstones were popular among the noble and merchant class throughout Europe. The belief at the time was that each gemstone carried protective qualities to the wearer.

Our stunning Azurite gemstone lapel pins are hand-crafted. Each crystal is encased in a sterling silver frame and metal stem. Each limited edition design profiles an aura of balance, expansion, joy, or patience respectively. Keeping that energy close to one’s heart ensures an ability to navigate the treacherous challenges that always lie ahead.

To wear the crystal lapel pin, use the following steps:
1. Separate the lapel pin from the back. Set aside in an easily reachable location.
2. Find the lapel buttonhole located on your left lapel. Typically, right above the pocket.
3. Pierce the pin through the buttonhole on your left lapel. (if your suit doesn’t have a lapel buttonhole, feel free to pierce directly through the suit).
4. Lift or flip the lapel to see the back, revealing the back of the pin.
5. Apply the backing to the lapel pin to secure it in place. Some jackets will have a lapel pin loop on the backside where you can tuck the stem in as well.
6. Smile, you’ve just leveled up.


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Azurite Drop Gemstone Pin

Ultimately, styling cufflinks is an opportunity for self-expression. Choose outfits and combinations that suit your personal taste and reflect your individual style. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors, patterns, or textures to create a unique and eye-catching ensemble. Cufflinks can be an excellent choice for formal events such as weddings, black-tie affairs, or business meetings. They provide a pop of color and sophistication to a classic white or light-colored dress shirt.

1. Start with a dress shirt: Choose a shirt specifically designed for cufflinks. Look for shirts with French cuffs or double cuffs, which have extra fabric that is folded back to create a cuff.

2. Fold back the cuffs: Lay the shirt flat on a surface and fold back the cuffs so that the buttonholes on each side align.

3. Insert the cufflinks: Take one cufflink and insert it through both buttonholes on one side of the cuff. The decorative front face of the cufflink should face outward, while the toggle or swivel bar should be pointing inward.

4. Secure the cufflink: Once the cufflink is inserted, flip the toggle or swivel bar to the closed position. This will secure the cufflink in place and keep the cuff closed.

5. Repeat the process: Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the other side of the cuff, ensuring that both cufflinks match and are securely fastened.

6. Adjust and style: After securing both cufflinks, adjust the cuffs so they sit comfortably and evenly on your wrists. You can then slide your jacket over the cuffs or let them be visible, depending on the formality and style of your outfit.