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Featured on WGN’s Daytime Chicago: Fashion for Every Style of Dad

Fashion for Every Style of Dad

Our very own Grant Alexander talks to WGN Daytime Chicago about different styles and tips for dads to be more stylish, saying,

“Guys care about looking good, too. Keep it simple, focus on layers, try monochromatic when in doubt.”

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Shop men’s shoes you see in this interview here! And make sure to check out the original article here!

For ideas on what gifts for Father’s Day would add style to any dad in your life, we’ve created some shopable boards and product groups!


We love simple and stylish watches. They can make just as much impact as a big name or “fancy” watch, for a fraction of the cost. Here are simple, cool watches for dads that won’t break the bank.

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Tops & Layers

While fit is most important, the quickest way to stylish is through layering. Having the right tops and pieces to layer are key. Start with solids and solids with textures as they are more versatile and can be worn with more outfits.

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Jeans for Dad

A go-to for dads, jeans are timeless and can set the foundation for a great outfit (or the opposite if the jeans are bad!). Denim is ready for whatever a dad and the kids will throw at it. Here are some of our favorite jeans to get dad from DL1961, 7 for all mankind, & FRAME.

We suggest going with a Slim, Slim Straight, or Straight cut most often. They’re likely to be the most flattering, but it will vary from guy to guy.

Favorite dark wash jeans from DL1961, 7 for all mankind, FRAME, FRAME.
Favorite black jeans from DL1961, 7 for all mankind, FRAME.
Favorite grey or light wash jeans from 7 for all mankind, 7 for all mankind, FRAME, FRAME.


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