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This couple read and benefitted from this men's gift guide, including our top 20 ideas with more than 50 items to consider.

20 gift ideas and 50 gift options that make this the best men’s gift guide

Please note, if you buy something using links in our men’s gift guide, we may earn a commission. All the opinions are our own, and we own or have tried the vast majority of what’s listed. We always focus on quality, style, and comfort above any commission we may receive.

So, you’ve searched for a men’s gift guide and you’ve ended up here. Welcome! Whether you’re searching for the best holiday gift or birthday gift to get a guy, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re one of the many people shrugging their shoulders thinking of gift ideas for the guy that doesn’t ever want or need anything, we’re here to help. As shown below, this is a complete men’s gift guide that is sure to either direct you to the perfect gift listed below, or at least spark some great ideas.

Regardless, whether they want anything specific or not, get them something to be more comfortable, live better, or feel better about… like, oh, maybe living through a global pandemic for instance. It doesn’t really matter if they’re stylish or not, cool or nerdy, these gifts can make their life a little bit more fun.

So, without further ado:

Pre-1. Masterclass

If you haven’t watched a Masterclass session, you simply are missing out on life. You’re staying flat or falling. You need to do more. Masterclass has created a library in which anyone in the world can learn from the very best. Online classes taught by instructors famous for their craft—Gordon Ramsay, Aaron Sorkin, Shonda Rhimes, Steve Martin, and SO many more. The classes combine addicting and compelling video content, interactive assignments, and social interaction with the MasterClass community.

$180 for 1-year of the Masterclass All-Access Pass

1. A gift for the sophisticated type: a nice pen

Seriously, a pen? Yes. They’re surprisingly cool gifts. So much so that they’re starting out this men’s gift guide.

A nice pen says something about the user. It shows a subtle sophistication and says they respect themselves and others. For someone that enjoys writing, this is a perfectly thoughtful gift. For someone that doesn’t write a lot, they will definitely start to write more. The Hemingway in your life will deeply appreciate this one.

Our favorites:

Splurge (a beautiful pen, this one makes a statement; on Bloomingdale’s for $355): Montblanc StarWalker Platinum-Plated Resin Ballpoint Pen

Middle (the first nice pen I purchased for myself; available on Amazon for $95): Cross Peerless Blue Rollerball Pen

Entry (the first nice pen I was given as a gift; on Amazon for $60): Waterman Hémisphère Rollerball Pen

2. A personal styling session

Whether the gentleman needs help with his “virtual” style for work, or you he could look better for a date or event, gifting a styling session is a thoughtfully perfect idea. A personal styling session will help them long after it’s over.

They’ll walk away from it feeling more confident and inspired. Whether it’s going through and cleaning out their closet, or creating outfits from what they already own, they will have a plan. Personal styling sessions are convenient and an affordable investment in their future.

Gift a personal styling session from G ALXNDR!

3. The last razor they’ll ever need – OneBlade

No men’s gift guide would be complete without shaving and grooming gear. Unsurprisingly, a good shaving experience is key for any guy, and this blade is both stylish and beautifully designed. Engineered to last a lifetime, guaranteed to eliminate nicks, bumps, and irritation from shaving – these razors from OneBlade also look awesome and masculine. 

G ALXNDR recommends the OneBlade razor in Silver for the best razor and shaving experience.

Replacement blades cost as low as $0.66. Typically, guys get at least 2-3 shaves per blade, so that puts their superior shaves at less than $0.25 each. Every OneBlade razor uses recyclable blades that help divert the build-up of billions of non-recyclable cartridges and disposable razors thrown out each year.

They offer a few different tier razors to select from ($20-$300+), and this great gift idea will make their shaving experience easier for years to come.

4. AirPod Pros = amazingness.

We can’t write enough about how wonderful the Apple AirPod Pros are. We’ve tried all the headphones. Cheap, expensive, perfect for running, perfect for noise cancellation, etc. These are the best mix of all features. Incredible sound, battery life, and noise cancellation packed into such small little buds! They’re really incredible.

Get the AirPod Pros directly from Apple for $249 and get free engraving to personalize the case.

5. For the home office: a personalized rustic basketball hoop

This is a cool and fun gift that will give him something to do in his home office or bedroom. The reclaimed wood look adds a cool, masculine vibe to any room. You can even have it personalized with his name. I don’t know who Brayden is, but he was a lucky dude.

Personalized Rustic Basketball Hoop on Etsy – $99

6. No Cold Feet… get him great socks

Guys’ sock game has definitely picked up over the last few years, and the Chicago-based duo that started No Cold Feet, helps keep that going. Not just for wedding day, their sock designs work great in any home, office, or home office setting.

We wear nearly all the designs and regularly get compliments and head nods from other appreciative guys. If your guy hasn’t tried a fun sock before, try a best-seller, the blue and grey Argyle socks. If they have, get them a pair of the pretty Dusty Rose with White Polka Dot socks, or try a G ALXNDR favorite for casual outfits and suits alike, the Blue, Brown, and Grey Striped socks.

No matter which you go with, he’ll end up coming back for more. Comfortable, cool, and good for every occasion.

No Cold Feet socks ($12)

7. Apple Watch

The Apple Watch can seriously do so much and they look great. We wear them with suits, leather jackets, and running outfits. Clients love the versatility. For anyone that loves tech, fitness, health, and really cool features.

G ALXNDR believes the Apple Watch is a great gift for any guy that is interested in tech, gadgets, efficiency, and having the latest stuff.

Two models give you a couple different price points, which makes it slightly less intimidating if you weren’t looking to go all in but could be talked into a bit extra.

Series 6 Apple Watch ($399-$799 depending on the selected model)
Apple Watch SE ($279-$329 depending on the selected model)

8. A men’s gift guide includes the wine lover: Meet Ullo

The Ullo filters the sulfites out of individual glasses of wine or the entire bottle. We at GPS use this all the time and had to include it in our men's gift guide.

When we first tried this, we weren’t sure we’d use it regularly. Because, who uses a wine purifier? Would it really make a difference in the taste? Wow! Does it ever. The Ullo takes the sulfites and impurities out of the wine, leaving behind exactly what the winemaker meant for you to taste: the wine. Also, you can aerate the wine with a simple twist of the Ullo.

He can use it for a single glass or decanting an entire bottle. He’ll be reaching for this gift over and over.

Ullo + Decanter: $150 on Bloomingdale’s or Amazon
Just the Ullo Wine Purifier: $80 on Bloomingdale’s or Amazon (at time of post, it’s on sale on Amazon for $60)

9. For the aspiring or seasoned whiskey lover

Pretty certain you have to have whiskey stuff on a men’s gift guide. There are so many great gifts for whiskey lovers outside of just buying them their favorite bottle. Bottles come and go. Good barware lasts for years. Get them something they can appreciate every time they have a drink.

Whiskey sets are a great option if he doesn’t already have nice glasses — and we’re not talking about glasses that are “fine” or average.

Waterford Irish Dogs Barware ($135-$295): Get this at Bloomingdale’s

This barware from Waterford is both hilarious and beautiful, making it an ideal addition to this men's gift guide.

Orrefor’s Erik 3-Piece Barware Set ($100): Bloomingdale’s or Amazon or, possible bonus if you can use one of their coupons, at Bed, Bath & Beyond…worth a shot.

Personalized Whiskey Set ($170): this amazing personalized gift is available on Etsy

This personalized whiskey set is an awesome way to show any whiskey lover that they are appreciated. A favorite on our men's gift guide.

10. Creative, comfortable apparel and shoes that support individuals with disabilities.

Gifts that support an amazing cause, while remaining unique, cool, and stylish, sound like the most ideal of gifting situations. We are proud to support Creative Souls and think any guy will enjoy their designs.

Each of these designs has been created by an individual — an artist — with disabilities. When you make a purchase, that artists gets paid for their work.

Alex Biagi Rooster Long Sleeve ($30)

Alex Biagi Fox High Top Sneakers ($70)

Natalia Villegas Skyline High & Low Top Sneakers ($70)

Check out all their designs, get a great gift, and support artists with disabilities.

11. The most comfortable blanket he’ll own, because he deserves one too

It’s big enough for a dude. It’s comfortable enough for a baby. If you live together, he probably let’s you have your favorite blanket. This time, gift him one that he can have as his own. These are so soft that you may want it for yourself, but try to let him use it at least a few days a week.

Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket ($180) on Nordstrom or Amazon.

12. Great joggers or lounge pants (comfort adds to any great men’s gift guide)

Let’s be real, we’re spending a lot of time at home these days. Whether he’s worn down an old pair or just loves the softest, best sweats around, look no further. We’ve tested these…for hours and hours.

They are high quality, comfortable, and in addition to great on the couch, are acceptable in public. Both of these are offered in multiple colors and styles, and the Lululemon Surge Joggers even have different lengths available!

Lululemon Surge Joggers ($118)
Tommy John Joggers ($128 from Tommy John)
Tommy John Lounge Pants (Wow, these are incredible, $68 from Nordstrom)

13. He can never have too many comfy sweatshirts or shirts

Again, lots of home time… Get him a super comfortable shirt or pullover that he can wear in or outside the house, or get him a sweatshirt that will last 10 years. They’re some of our favorites.

Huckberry Flint and Tinder 10-year Pullover ($98)

Marine Layer Quilted Overshirt ($165)

Reversible Quilted Pullover ($145)

14. For the bearded gentlemen: Beard Oil

Tom Ford was one of the first to create high-end products for men, and this beard oil in a beautiful Tom Ford bottle had to be on our men's gift guide

Pair this with #3! We’ve tried a couple dozen beard oils over the last few years, and our advice is to look at what’s inside. Beard oils should have nourishing ingredients — think a combination of a few natural oils like Argan, Jojoba, Grapeseed, Castor, Sunflower, Almond — and should rapidly absorb into skin and hair.

These are three of our favorites in terms of absorption, scent and beard-feel:

Tom Ford ($57 on Nordstrom)

Jack Black ($26 on Nordstrom or Amazon)

Kiehl’s Beard Oil ($30 on Amazon or Kiehl’s)

15. The most comfortable lounge/sleep pants

These Tommy John Second Skin Pants ($68) are so soft, it makes you wonder if everything else they offer is that soft… the answer is yes, it is.

These are an easy gift option for any guy to lounge around the house or fall asleep in.

16. You know what they say about cold feet… get slippers, obviously

Suggesting slippers to guys can be hit or miss, but if you know the guy likes slippers or would be into trying them, our favorites are from UGG. These also have over 1,000 5-star reviews, so they’re probably pretty solid options.

UGG Scuff Slippers are remarkably comfortable and still stylish. We were just as comfortable adding it to our men's gift guide

The UGG Scuff Slippers ($80 on Nordstrom or Amazon) are stylish, come in a few color options, and are comfortable as hell.

17. A cool, casual sneaker

The simplicity and versatility of a cool, casual sneaker can’t be mentioned enough here at G ALXNDR. Wear them with any outfit, any suit, any time. Obviously, we love our Cool Sneaker ($325) at G ALXNDR. We offer the low top sneaker in white, navy, or black.

Get in touch with us for a custom color or design!

18. Leather speaks to men and makes for a great gift

We love leathergoods, especially well-made and interesting ones. Here are a few that we carry around with us and think would make for great gifts for any guy.

The GPS travel duffel bag is a favorite to walk around or travel with because of its beauty and craftsmanship. Easily made this men's gift guide

A luxurious travel duffel bag from us at G ALXNDR that literally gets more comments than almost anything else in our wardrobes. We offer this design in Navy or Black, and can do a custom color if you get in touch. Albeit, it’s a splurge at $1995, he will have it for generations, and it will get more and more beautiful with age.

Bellroy offers affordable and beautiful leathergoods like this slim bifold wallet, that's perfect for a minimalist look and our men's gift guide

Bellroy Minimalist Bifold Wallet ($79 on Amazon or Bellroy)

Shinola makes beautiful leathergoods like this navy leather card case, making it an easy addition to this men's gift guide

Shinola Slim Bifold Wallet ($195) or Shinola 5-Pocket Card Case ($125).

19. The perfect accessory

Accessories for guys can be tough. Some guys love watches, some don’t. Some like wearing glasses (yes, we view glasses as fantastic accessories), some don’t. Currently, it’s not too often are guys wearing cufflinks, but if you are, get in touch, we have cool ones.

A bracelet is a great way to add style to any look, which is why it makes our men's gift guide

The perfect and simple accessory to help a guy instantly look more stylish: a bracelet. It can be beads, it can be metal, it can be leather. A bracelet is a great entryway to the world of jewelry. One bracelet is all it takes to get a guy hooked and looking for more.

Here are ones we have and others that we would definitely wear:

Assorted Stacking Bracelets ($49 from Nordstrom)
Double Strand Braided Leather Bracelet ($29 from Nordstrom)
Orson Pull Bungee Rope Bracelet in Sterling Silver ($50 from Miansai)
Sterling Silver Chain Bracelet ($185 from Nordstrom)
David Yurman Chevron Woven Bracelet ($895 from Nordstrom)
18K Yellow Goldplated Anchor Leather Bracelet (the first bracelet G ALXNDR owner ever tried and got him hooked, $85 from Miansai; or in silver for $52 on Amazon)
3-Pack Beaded Stretch Bracelets ($49 from Nordstrom)
Liliwood Cuff Bracelet ($140 from Nordstrom)
Gunmetal Cuff Bracelet ($65 from Nordstrom)

20. Unique and cool books for the coffee table (or reading)

It’s true. Coffee table books can also be read. Aside from fun content, they look great on display. These coffee table books can be individual gifts or gifted with other suggestions from above.

Like the Cocktail and Whiskey books with any of the barware. Maybe, the travel and destination themed books with the cozy clothing (because who’s going anywhere really)? The Rise of Sneaker Culture with a new pair of G ALXNDR sneakers.

Our favorite new book to this list is a recently published one, A Wealth of Pigeons by Steve Martin. So, if the recipient is into comedy, especially that of legends like Martin, this is a great gift.

Collage of each of the suggested coffee table books on our men's gift guide.

A Wealth of Pigeons by Steve Martin

The Ultimate Bar Book: The Comprehensive Guide to Over 1,000 Cocktails

The Joy of Mixology, Revised and Updated Edition: The Consummate Guide to the Bartender’s Craft

The NoMad Cocktail Book

Off The Road

Cabin Porn: Inspiration for Your Quiet Place Somewhere

The LEGO Architect

The Star Wars Archives. 1977–1983. 40th Anniversary Edition

Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Culture

The Art of American Whiskey: A Visual History of the Nation’s Most Storied Spirit, Through 100 Iconic Labels

Wrapping up our men’s gift guide (get it?)

That’s our men’s gift guide with our best 18 gift ideas. If you need help finding something niche or specific that you still wish to look great and/or stylish, get in touch! We love to help with requests where we can.

Hopefully, something on this gift list spoke to you, and most importantly, will make the gentleman receiving the gift smile.

That’s a wrap. Boom! Gift pun.

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