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Must-Have Items for Your Everyday Bag That Are In All Of Our Styling Kits

A well-prepared bag is more than just an accessory. It’s a toolkit for conquering the challenges of daily life while staying stylish and confident. From unexpected weather changes to last-minute plans, having essential fashion-related items on-hand can save the day and keep you looking your best. We keep these items in ALL of our styling […]

Is It Really Bespoke Or Just Made-To-Measure?

Knowing If It’s Bespoke or Just Made-to-Measure We see the term bespoke everywhere. It’s an Instagram hashtag. It’s used by tailors, brands, and fashionistas. Bespoke has become a catch phrase that people throw around when they want their look or products to seem high-end. But in clothing, the word refers to a very specific process […]

The ROI of a Thousand+ Dollar Suit or Jacket

What’s the point of a really good suit or jacket? What are you looking for? A better job? More money? Inner peace? Sure, what’s inside a person matters: your attitude, your experiences. But what’s outside matters, too. Take it from entrepreneur and “Shark” Daymond John:  “Good grooming is integral and impeccable style is a must. […]

Why I Wrote a Handwritten Letter to the CEO of Brooks Brothers

WHY I WROTE A HANDWRITTEN LETTER TO THE CEO OF BROOKS BROTHERS To reclaim its prestige and profitability, Brooks Brothers needs something new, starting with me. You may be wondering why I wrote a handwritten letter to the CEO of Brooks Brothers. Call it crazy, but getting out of bankruptcy and changing the perception of […]