Is It Really Bespoke Or Just Made-To-Measure?

Knowing If It’s Bespoke or Just Made-to-Measure We see the term bespoke everywhere. It’s an Instagram hashtag. It’s used by tailors, brands, and fashionistas. Bespoke has become a catch phrase that people throw around when they want their look or products to seem high-end. But in clothing, the word refers to a very specific process […]

G ALXNDR featured in WWD!

Grant McNamara, of G ALXNDR personal stylists, wearing a blue 3-piece custom Scabal suit, designed by himself, at the St. Regis Aspen Resort

WWD Feature Article: “Grant McNamara Has Created a Business Being a Concierge for Grooms” [and now brides, too!] The Chicago-based stylist works with wedding parties to ensure every detail is addressed on their special day. By JEAN E. PALMIERI Grant McNamara could have been filling cavities in kids’ teeth, but he decided to ditch the […]

The ROI of a Thousand+ Dollar Suit or Jacket

What’s the point of a really good suit or jacket? What are you looking for? A better job? More money? Inner peace? Sure, what’s inside a person matters: your attitude, your experiences. But what’s outside matters, too. Take it from entrepreneur and “Shark” Daymond John:  “Good grooming is integral and impeccable style is a must. […]

Why I Wrote a Handwritten Letter to the CEO of Brooks Brothers

WHY I WROTE A HANDWRITTEN LETTER TO THE CEO OF BROOKS BROTHERS To reclaim its prestige and profitability, Brooks Brothers needs something new, starting with me. You may be wondering why I wrote a handwritten letter to the CEO of Brooks Brothers. Call it crazy, but getting out of bankruptcy and changing the perception of […]