G ALXNDR is the best personal styling service providing exceptional experiences, products, and advice.

E-Closets. Like Pinterest, But You Take Everything Home & Know How to wear it all.

We create an individual Style Site for each of our clients to shop and learn about their style at their own pace. We can visually maintain and organize your e-closet by adding pieces you purchase or already own. Our software enables us to manage and organize your closets, looks, purchases, and offers back and forth communication.

Your unique Recommendations

No two client sites are the same, and your recommendations will be tailored to your goals.

Curated & Shoppable

We find the best pieces to achieve your goals and you can shop them straight from your site.

Your Virtual E-Closet

We can manage everything you own, past and present, and create amazing looks directly through your Style Site.

Easy communication

Let your stylist know what is or isn’t working, updates on sizes, and your favorite pieces directly through your site.

Example client boards