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What To Wear For A Job Interview: Corporate Edition

First impressions matter. That’s especially true for an interview. And because our working world is constantly changing—you know with onsite, hybrid, and remote working models—knowing how to present yourself professionally and confidently while also matching the vibe of the company you’re interviewing with is key.

Some considerations when styling for your networking event include:

Time of day: Evening events are often more formal than daytime ones. 

Venue setting: You can adjust your outfit for an indoor or outdoor setting.

The industry: Some industries have different norms than others which can impact how you dress regardless of time of day and setting.

Do's & Don'ts


  1. Align your outfit with the company culture. When in doubt, opt for formality.
  2. Invest in versatile interview-ready pieces like suits and neutral-colored blouses or button-downs (think of these as interview staples).
  3. Closed-toe, polished shoes in neutral tones convey professionalism (think: leather dress shoes, pumps, loafers).
  4. Keep it simple and professional with classic watches and small stud earrings.  (You’re at an interview, not a gala.)
  5. Make sure your clothes fit well (not too baggy or tight) and are clean, ironed, and wrinkle-free.


  1. Anything too low-cut, tight, or short that can be revealing is probably (or definitely) inappropriate for an interview.
  2. Wearing wrinkled or stained clothes can ruin a first impression, and a sloppy appearance can send the wrong message.
  3. Loud and colorful patterns are fun but keep them to a minimum, if you wear any at all. Neutral tones are always a safer option.
  4. Even if the company is known for its casual environment, avoid flops and a T. You want to get the job first before you relax your style.
  5. Neglecting personal hygiene might be a no brainer, but you’d be surprised. Appear well-groomed and smell fresh (but don’t overdo the cologne or perfume, especially in a confined space).

Men’s Attire

Let’s take this guide from head to toe:

A clean haircut or freshly styled hairdo is an instant sign of a well-groomed appearance. (Same is true for any facial hair if you have some.)

A well-fitting suit in a neutral color remains the gold standard for interview attire. Dress pants paired with a blazer in complementary colors is also fair game. (All we ask is that the pants are tailored and the blazer fits your shoulders comfortably.) Light-colored dress shirts in white, blue, or light grey are versatile choices and while a tie is optional, we definitely recommend it. It can elevate your outfit and add a touch of your personality.

Tailored dress pants create a clean and professional look, and be sure the length reaches your shoes without bunching. Leather dress shoes in black, brown, or tan are ideal. 

If you’re one to accessorize, your belt should complement your shoes, a classic watch adds subtle sophistication, and light jewelry can add personality.

Women’s Attire

Popular and classic interview choices for women include suits, knee length dresses, and dress pants. These go well with solid-colored blouses or button-down shirts, preferably in neutral colors like black, navy, and grey (these offer maximum versatility). A cardigan or sweater is also a great choice if you want a nice blend of formality and casual.

Closed-toed shoes are always recommended, so that means polished pumps, loafers, or neutral-colored dress shoes. As for accessories, keep jewelry simple and professional. A classic watch and a pair of small stud earrings are always safe choices.

Virtual Interviews

Now that our working world has gone virtual, the attire for online interviews slightly differs from that of an in-person meeting.


Up top, solid-colored button-down shirts are a classic and safe choice. Go for neutral colors like white, blue, or grey. A collared polo or a professional sweater can also be suitable alternatives. A jacket may be your personal choice depending on your everyday style and the company.

While bottoms are optional (considering they might not be seen on camera), consider wearing dress pants or chinos for a polished feel. 


Professional blouses, button-down shirts, turtlenecks, or sweaters (like cardigans or pullovers) are all suitable options for a virtual interview. It’s best to focus on solid colors like black, navy, or grey. A blazer is optional but can elevate your outfit and add a formal touch if you want.

While your waist down may not be visible on camera, dress pants, skirts (knee-length or midi), or a well-tailored jumpsuit are all interview-appropriate.

Virtual Interview Considerations

Despite the separation of a screen, there are some key considerations to know when logging on for a virtual interview: 

  • Ensure your outfit is polished from the waist up, as that’s the main focus of the camera.
  • Make sure your shirt or sweater is clean, ironed, and wrinkle-free (the camera can catch everything).
  • Your clothes should fit well, not too baggy or too tight.
  • A simple watch can add a touch of professionalism, but avoid wearing excessive jewelry that can be distracting even virtually.


While this is a styling guide, we ultimately want you to get the job, so:

  • Choose a clean and uncluttered background for your video call. Avoid anything distracting or unprofessional (and anything that will take away from your stylish fit).
  • Be sure you have good lighting to showcase your face clearly during the interview (and make any accessories subtly pop).
  • Minimize background noise by choosing a quiet space for the interview.


Good luck!

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