G ALXNDR is the best personal styling service providing exceptional experiences, products, and advice.

An amazing, 1-on-1 Custom or Bespoke Clothing Experience, Only For Styling Clients.

A custom wardrobe isn’t out of reach. Everyone deserves the best clothing. That’s why, where others create barriers to expressing your personal style, we create bridges.

handmade custom clothing FOR MEN & WOMEN… near cost.

…Well, if you’re a styling client.

We’re trying something different because we want to put our money where our mouth is. If you are investing in styling, we want to make it easier to achieve your desired style. So, when we say we believe custom is an important part of your wardrobe and that we think you should have at least one custom garment, we want to make sure there are no barriers.

Custom suit in grey and navy plaid fabric with a fun lining on the inside, a navy tie, and jewelry.

versatile Design & BEAUTIFUL DETAILS

Do you have to wear a suit or dress pants? No. What if, just maybe, you thought about a non-grey or blue suit, picked a fabric that matched your personality, and wore a suit or sports jacket for fun? Gasp!

We want to show you how to wear a suit 20 different ways, so that you don’t see it only in one light. We’ll take care of all the beautiful design details so that you can wear it for however best fits your lifestyle.

No more sacrificing quality to have an affordable piece of custom clothes

Skip the online “custom” clothiers, and the “budget-friendly” custom shops that don’t have experienced clothiers. Styling clients will get the highest level of quality near cost. We prefer handmade, gorgeous garments where it’s not an additional $100+ for fun details. Just get the details you want.

Get beautiful, quality custom clothing Done Differently

you’ll need a pay raise once you’ve worn your new clothes.

custom clothing designed by grant alexander. photo by zoe rain